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Areas of Law


document preparation

Last Will and Testaments (including "multiple" Wills and Wills for clients with assets in multiple jurisdictions);

Alter Ego Trusts / Joint Partner Trusts;

Shareholders' Agreements (with a focus on the events that occur at time of death and the funding of same);

Powers of Attorney;

Representation Agreements;

Retirement Compensation Arrangements;

income tax matters

General income tax and estate planning and implementation (for instance, estate freeze);

Voluntary Disclosure re Canada Revenue Agency matters;

Various income tax opinions;

Planning for the 21-year deemed disposition rule for trusts;

Tax planning for immigrants to and emigrants from Canada;

Charitable giving planning and implementation (general);

estate and probate matters

Probate / administration applications for both large and small estates;

Acting as executor / trustee of estates and trusts;

Various estate and trust disputes (Wills Variation Act, etc.);

life insurance matters

Analysis of leveraged life insurance scenarios and ensuring their tax efficiency;

Analysis of the possible creditor protection offered by life insurance products in a given scenario;

Split Dollar Agreements for life insurance policies;

Beneficiary Designations / Insurance Trust Declarations for life insurance policies;

Tax efficient structuring of critical illness / disability insurance / long term care plans (using Health and Welfare Trusts, Private Health Service Plans, etc.); and

Charitable giving planning and implementation with life insurance.



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